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Meadow Lake was originally called Bowen Lake. In 1931, Meadow Lake was described as “a 10 acre private parcel not good for swimming, with a mud beach and surrounded by sparse woods and hilly lands”. The lake contained bluegills and perch.

In 1947, Bloomfield Township maps showed 2 parcels of land owned by N. Dreystredt, consisting of the Lake plus a 43 acre parcel.

In May of 1950, the land was obtained by George Wellington Smith for $68,750.00.

Three dams were built in 1950 which created Meadow Lake as we know it. It took more than one year to complete and fill. The dam raised the water 4 to 5 feet above the original Bowen Lake. In February of 1952, Meadlowlake Farms was begun. Meadow Lake was dredged and Anchor Island was created along with the bridge to make it as we know it today. Our Lake is spring fed.

George Wellington Smith set up restrictions and developed the subdivision. He controlled its growth with an iron fist. Meadow Lake was now a beautiful, clear and pristine lake with springs bubbling up from the sandy bottom.

Bass were introduced and fishing was great.

A beach was formed so that children and adults could gather for swimming and social functions. Every 4th of July a company was hired for fireworks on Anchor Island. As a matter of fact, the company hired (Zombelli and Sons) are the same people that do the fireworks in downtown Detroit. Insurance is now too expensive to continue this activity here.Some interesting facts about our Lake are as follows: 

  • Maximum depth 21 feet
  • Elevation 918 feet
  • Lake surface 18.38 acres
  • Drainage basin River Rouge
  • Average depth 5.4 feet

This information was compiled by Ruth Richter & Ron Davis
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