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  • NOTICE: The Island now has a combination lock for vehicle access for dues paying members. Please contact Laurie Rubin for the combination if needed. 
  • OPEN: 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
  • CLOSED: 9:00 P.M. to 9:00 A.M. (Do not enter)
  • PARKING: Parking of automobiles is permitted only on the east side of the island (to the left of the driveway as you enter). No vehicles are allowed to park on the bridge or in such a manner that they block the driveway access to the island. Cars may be parked on Valley Spring Road.
  • GUESTS: Welcome only when accompanied by a member in good standing.
  • FIREPIT: Do not throw bottles or trash in the firepit. Make sure that any fire you start is completely extinguished and the ashes disposed of. If you use the sporting equipment available, please return it to the storage container. Please do not put trash in the Porta-john.
  • CLEAN-UP/TRASH: Please bag and take all trash with you. If you use the grills, please clean them and make sure the fire is extinguished and the ashes disposed of. If you use the sporting equipment available, please return it to the storage container. Please do not put trash in the Porta-john.
  • BOATS: Residents living off the lake may store their boats on the island by calling the Island Manager, Jeff Iovan(932-5368), and registering them. In an attempt to comply with Township regulations and our insurance requirements (and to avoid abandoned boats) you must register your boat yearly.
  • Your boat should be properly secured with one of the keys submitted to the Island Manager.
  • The Association assumes no liability for your stored boats and it is ultimately your responsibility.
  • Township police will be called for non-permit parties.
  • Please discuss these rules carefully with your family, especially your teenagers and young adults. These rules are being enforced. We are very fortunate to have our own lake and island.


  • All parties require a permit. Permits grant the use of the Island facilities for the period specified on the permit form. Individual Meadowlake Farms residents may use the Island concurrently, but may not bring groups of more than two guests to the Island during the specified time of the permit party.
  • Permits are available without charge by contacting the Island Manager, Jeff Iovan, at 932-5368. Permits are issued on an availability basis only to Association members in good standing.
  • Clean-up of the Island and all facilities is the responsibility of the permit holder. This includes removing all trash and garbage, cleaning out the grills and firepit, removal of all signage and decoration and any other efforts as required to return the Island and all facilities to conditions equal (or better) than those which existed prior to the party.
  • A deposit of $100.00 is required with the permit application as a guarantee against any damage or clean-up.
  • Deposits are held until the island facilities are inspected by the issuer of the permit. Retention of any deposit monies to correct damage or to provide clean-up services shall be at the discretion of the Meadowlake Farms Civic Association Board. Appeals of a decision to retain deposit monies must be made in person at a regularly scheduled board meeting.
  • Parties involving children under the age of 21 shall require the presence of the permit holder throughout the duration of the party. Minors are prohibited from possession of alcoholic beverages.
  • No lifeguards are available. Please watch any children near the water. Water safety equipment is the responsibility of the permit holder. All watercraft stored on the island is private property and may not be used without permission by the owner.
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